Clean Wardrobe

Cabinet material: Cold rolled steel with powder coated / Stainless steel
Efficiency: 99.99%@0.3μm
Optional: LED lamp / UV lamp
Air supply: Vertical air flow
Electronic control system
Equipped HEPA filter for 99.99% efficiency

Production information

BIOAIRO series clean wardrobe, also known as dust-free wardrobe, is a wardrobe dedicated to use in clean industry, the use of three shock absorption measures and removable brake casters helps to reduce the vibration and easy to move, the wheels set beneath the clean wardrobe makes the movement flexible and convenient.

Product Specification



Widely used for clean clothing storage in pharamaceutical, preparations, electronics, precision instruments, meters, food and other special occasions such as clean room, laboratory, operating room, GMP plant etc, in order to prevent from any air pollution of clean clothes during collection and transmission process.


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