Cabinet material: Cold rolled steel with powder coated / Stainless steel
Air intake position: At side / At top
Advantage: Equipped with DOP monitoring port and injection port which allows in time testing after installed
Optional flange port / flange / damper position: at side / at top;
Optional filter type: HEPA / ULPA gel sealant filter;

Product information

DOP HEPA Box is includes the plenum chamber, HEPA filter and diffuser. With characteristics of less investment and simple construction in the roof of transformation and foundation of new clean room, the DOP HEPA Box can be used as the terminal HEPA filtration setting system to install.

Product feature

  1. the DOP HEPA Box adopts the gel mini-pleat HEPA filter with better sealing.
  2. It can test HEPA filter’s leakage and check the airproofing status of gasket, frame and glass fiber media. It is more convenient to leak leakage to HEPA filter of the aseptic workshop.

Custom Design

Hepa bpx

Product Specification


Widely used in different classes & structure uneven clean rooms


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