High Temperature Air Filters are designed to work in extreme temperatures, while still functioning to efficiently maintain air quality. These filters are made of special components that allow the filters to retain their form and function when the temperature reaches up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the components is the frame made of aluminum, which is self-extinguishing and durable enough to prohibit corrosion inhibitors at any temperature. Another key component is the fiberglass filter media, which is heat-resistant. The entire range is divided into the categories for up to 120, 250 and 350 degrees.

These filters are typically used in automotive, food and beverage or the pharmaceutical industries.

High Heat-Resistance Filter

Efficiency: H13 / H14
Media: Micro glass fiber
Frame: ≥260℃ Stainless steel
Sealant: Red silica gel(260℃), Ceramic glue(350℃)
Gasket: Silicon gel plate(260℃), Glass fiber rope(350℃)
Separator: 0.035mm aluminum foil
Optional thickness: 80 ~ 292mm
Max Temperature: 260℃/350℃
Max Humidity: 100% (Imported glass fiber)

High Heat-Resistance Pleated Filter

Efficiency: G3
Media: Domestic short glass fiber
Frame: Extruded aluminum (< 200℃) / Stainless steel (> 200℃)
Optional thickness: 17~96 mm
Max Temperature: 300℃
Max Humidity: 100%

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