Square Horizontal Clean Bench

Purification class: class 100 / ISO 5
HEPA efficiency: 99.99%@0.3um
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Cabinet material: powder coated steel/stainless steel
Table-board material: Sand polished stainless steel

Product information

The square horizontal clean bench is widely used in cleanrooms. It’s very suitable for high cleanliness of the production workshop, and also can use in a series of workshops.


It has the function of air valve to prevent high pressure to leak in the clean room.

Product feature

  1. Adopted the super thin mini-pleat air filter to minimize the size of structure. The clean bench is matched stainless steel table-board and glass on sides. It makes the workaround roomy and bright.
  2. The pre-filter that with big wind speed is convenient to take down. It is not only protect the HEPA filter’s life but also ensure the wind velocity.
  3. Adopt send-off wind system that the air velocity is adjustable by touch the switch lightly, which makes the wind speed perfect.
  4. Level air current, opened desk type, and convenient operation.

Custom Design

Product Specification


Widely used in the clean environment, such as micro-electronics, laboratory, national defense, precise instrument, biopharming, hard disk manufacture, etc.


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