Surrounded High Efficiency Air Shower

Blow way: surrounded blow
SS nozzle diameter: ø25mm
Material: powder coated steel/stainless steel
Controller: Electronic control panel/ PLC
Power supply: 220V/380V
Dimensions: Customized

Standard configuration

1. With 2 ultrathin and big volume motor.
2. Mini-pleat HEPA filter
3. The built-in Eight edges shape, distribution is uniform


1. Use efficiency increased by 50%
round air without collision, centrifugal rotating, and tension continuously strengthen, quickly take away the dust particles
2. Dust cleaning effect increased by 30%
using CFD fluid movement student principle, it can save more at same working status.
3. Energy saving 28%
low consumption power, promote efficiency, intelligent standby.
4. Life increased 35%
usage life increased 1080 days compared with original foundation.
5. Automatic sensor
decreased the chance of pollution and makes working become more convenient
6. Independent section for air shower channel
adopts individual section to combine into a air shower tunnel. This method can clean air step by step and achieve high efficiency and energy saving purpose.

Custom Design

Product Specification

Application fields

Electronic, biological manufacturing industry, medical industry, food processing, space, air, automobile manufacturing industry, dust-free painting industry and other industries.


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