Vertical Flow Air Shower

Blow way: Single blow/Double blow/Three blow/surrounded blow/Vertical blow
SS nozzle diameter: ø25mm
Material: powder coated steel/stainless steel
Controller: Electronic control panel/ PLC
Power supply: 220V/380V

Physical mechanics

The air comes out from the top and then returns to the bottom. It takes off the dust from the body with gravity together. It will not produce the whirlpool and ensure the purifying effect.

Custom Design

Product Specification

Comparative advantage

The traditional air shower at market – simple structure, double blow system. It is more easy to cause whirlpool by irregular air flow. And the dust isn’t easy to take out immediately.

BIOAIRO company practical air shower

  • Adopting the fan, high efficiency filtration equipment, nozzle, return air system of air shower
  • Single air shower room 16pcs of 25m/s high-speed airflow nozzle and form a vertical air circumfluence system
  • One-way air distribution mode make airflow velocity maintain consistency

Application fields

Electronic, biological manufacturing industry, medical industry, food processing, space, air, automobile manufacturing industry, dust-free painting industry and other industries.


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