Antibacterial and Disinfection Atomization Intelligent Door

720° Full Scale
Antibacterial, Disinfection, Atomization, Intelligent
Labor and Time Saving
Light and Portable
One Key Turn On
Time Setting

Product Description

BIOAIRO antibacterial and disinfection atomization intelligent door (refer as disinfection door hereinafter) has the function of plasma, UV lamp and light wave atomizing sterilizer.
The disinfection solution adopts the food grade section 720° omni-directional sterilization method, reasonable layout, avoid respiratory discomfort, humanized design of the head, face, waist and feet, non-contact disinfection and temperature detection of people and objects passing through.
It is a necessary protective machine for use in crowded places, such as hospitals, airports, factories, hotels, stations, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and schools.
Economic and environmental protection, direct use, save labor and time, light and portable, one key to turn on, time setting etc.


A : UV disinfection + Plasma disinfection
B : UV disinfection + Plasma disinfection + Atomization disinfection
C : UV disinfection + Plasma disinfection + Atomization disinfection + Thermal imaging temperature detector

Size : 1350*800*2250 ( L*W*H )


Product Details

Plasma deodorization and sterilization
The bacteria with negative charge were decomposed and destroyed by bipolar plasma electrostatic field.
Recombination of drug – impregnated activated carbon, static power grid, photo catalyst.
Catalytic unit and other components for secondary sterilization filtration.


Light Wave Atomization Disinfection

◆ Heavy smoke
◆ Appropriate portion of disinfectant can disinfect the whole body externally
◆ Convenient and fast


Ultraviolet sterilization

Using the right wavelength of ultraviolet light can destroy the cells’ organism DNA, achieving the disinfection effect.

Exquisite switch / Smart timer

◆ Unattended operations
◆ Sectional sterilization
◆ Time and effort savin

High-quality steel

◆ Selected stainless steel quality
◆ Corrosion and rust resistance
◆ Waterproof rust resistance


Could be applied in all kinds of public places,such as :hospital, school, community, factory, company, construction site, supermarket, mall, station, airport, bank, hotel, KTV, exhibition etc.


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