The Fresh Air Cabinet is also known as the fresh air booster box. It is mainly used for fresh air ventilation in various workshops. Its function is to increase indoor fresh air and speed up air circulation. The air volume required for the Fresh Air Cabinet depends on the size of the field used, and the air outlet of the Fresh Air Cabinet. The detection height can reach the clean class 100.

Because of its flexible structure, low noise, stable operation, adjustable wind pressure and long service life, the 100 is widely used in the ventilation system of civil buildings, and can also be applied to the fire pressure of building construction. It is a very effective air purification equipment for air supply and purification of air conditioners.

Clean Air Cabinet

Mini AHU, multi-stage filtration box
Good sealing performance
Connect with duct and configure the professional filters
Optional filtration stages: pre filter + medium filter / pre filter + medium filter + HEPA filter / pre filter + HEPA filter etc.

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