Numerous chemical substances are present in the air we breathe. These toxic substances are not only a hazard to a comfortable human life, but are a problem of vital importance to all living beings. Today, protection of the environment on a global scale is considered to be an important issue that demands quick action.

Chemical filters capable of effectively removing minute toxic particulate matter from the atmosphere and malodorous constituents floating in the air. By making these high-tech filters available for a wide range of applications, BIOAIRO is making a significant contribution to creating the next generation of clean environment in areas from personal lifestyles to industry and the arts.

Bulk-filled chemical filter module

The module can be filled with various filter media according to application scenarios and pollutants.
The V-shaped structure is matched with the grille protection net to improve the air flow performance and increase the utilization rate of the filter material.
Hidden multi-point fixed filter material filling cover to prevent bursting or leakage during handling or using

Chemical Filter Material

Bulk filter media for molecular gas pollution control, including activated carbon,
enhanced performance impregnated activated carbon, potassium permanganate impregnated activated alumina and various mixed filter materials.

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