Mobile Cabinet Model Automatic Anti-virus Sterilization and Isolation Equipment

Effectively isolate the infectious patients (source of the infection)
Effectively improve the working environment and safety of medical staff
Effectively capture and intercept viruses and bacteria (capture rate 99.999%)
Effectively kill viruses and bacteria (killing rate 100%)
Effectively adjust treatment, shorten the recovery period, and improve the quality of recovery
Provide 7×24 fully automatic intelligent monitor and filtration (failure/fault alarm)

Effectively prevent and control, strongly protect and guard

When a large-scale outbreak of infectious disease broke out, the number of patients admitted to the hospitals continue to expand, which makes the hospitals high risk in infection. Infectious diseases such as the new coronary pneumonia, SARS, etc. with different incubation period and transmission routes including airborne and contact transmission, bring significant hospitalized pressure and risk of cross-infection in the hospital.

Base on this situation, combining years of in-depth cultivation and technology in the medical industry, BIOAIRO developed a new automatic anti-virus sterilization and isolation equipment, highly effective in capture and kill dust particles or biological aerosols with viruses and bacteria in effective spaces, strongly block the virus transmission, protect the safety of medical care personnel, and provide patients with clean and fresh air.

Product Characteristics

PTFE Filter Media, Ultra High Efficiency with Low Energy Consumption

Filter core adopts U15 PTFE ULPA V-bank filter, providing 99.9995% filtration efficiency against particles ≥0.12μm, 1,000 times better than a N95 medical protective masks. PTFE material's extreme low chemical gas dispersion compared to other filtration media, better protection for human health.

Multiple Sterilization Process, Maximum Eliminate the Spread of Viruses

BIOAIRO electrostatic filtration technology, UV ultraviolet technology and plasma technology are efficiently combined to achieve the triple sterilization and disinfection effect of "high-voltage electrostatic sterilization and dust removal + UV directional sterilization + negative ion sterilization and purification", sterilization efficiency >99.8%.

Special Air Duct Structure Design, Extensive Filtration Area

Special designed air duct structure to avoid airflow mutual interference, smoothly offer a minimum 8m/s outlet wind speed to quickly transport the clean air covering an area of 20~30m², and forms an effective indoor circulation.

Intelligent monitoring, keeping track of indoor air quality at any time

Connect the device through BIOAIRO APP and WeChat applet to realize human-machine linkage, remote monitoring of various gaseous pollutant indicators, one-key remote start and stop, purification mode switching, and control indoor air quality anytime, anywhere.

Real-time display, the purification effect is visible

Equipped with a 15-inch high-definition touch screen to display real-time aerosol, harmful gas, large particle dust index and purification treatment effect of the current environment, the operating time of the four core components, and the temperature and humidity values.

Intelligent Alarm, Prevent Secondary Pollution

Auto alarm prompts when main filter or sterilization components reach the end of their design service life in order to maintain a good operating state of the equipment and prevent secondary pollution caused by the precipitation of dust and impurities.

Working principle

When the device is running, the indoor air is driven by the powerful fan system to form a negative pressure return cycle. The polluted air will first be pre-filtered by the coarse-effect filter, then enters into the electrostatic filter unit for high-voltage static electricity process for dust particles capture and pathogenic microorganism’s elimination. Afterwards, the airflow is directionally sterilized by the UV ultraviolet ray and deeply filtered by the PTFE ultra-high efficiency filter, lastly, the filtered air will be combined with the highly active negative ions for odors and gases removal and eventually convey a fresh and clean air.

Core Technology and Qualification

Ⅰ. PTFE ULPA filter
① 99.999% ULPA filtration efficiency, low resistance, can effectively capture the aerosol and particles no less than 0.1μm.
② No chemical gas dispersal, PTFE coated filter media can inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the filter media during usage.
③ V-shaped airflow structure channel, effectively reduces the structural resistance, offers a larger filtering area and withstands large air volume.
④ Strong durability, high bursting resistance, large dust holding capacity and long service life.
⑤ Strong corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and organic compounds (disinfected water)

Ⅱ. Electrostatic filter

Using the BIOAIRO high-voltage electrostatic dust removal and sterilization technology, the high-voltage electrostatic field is used to charge the dust particles in the air, and under the action of the electric field force, the charged particles are driven to move to the dust collecting electrode. At the same time, high-voltage electrostatic will penetrate the cell structure of bacteria and viruses, completely killing them, then the charged particles will enter the dust collection section.

Ⅲ. Air purification intelligent monitoring system

BIOAIRO air purification intelligent monitoring system is an air purification system that integrates indoor air quality monitoring, remote equipment remote control, data collection and cloud storage, and multi-system linkage. It can easily control and show indoor and outdoor air purification conditions through visual data interaction. The indoor air quality can be controlled anytime and anywhere through the device’s touch screen + mobile APP + mini programs.

Enterprise Qualification

Mobile Cabinet Model

Mobile cabinet model is suitable for patients in bed or sitting resting for transit or temporary isolation.

Medical Air Decontamination Unit

Product Parameter

Product Structure


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