Direct Current FFU

Control method: Group control or single control
Fan: AC/EC
Cabinet material: Cold rolled steel with powder coated / Galvalume / Aluminum / Stainless steel
Air velocity(m/s): 0.35~0.55

DC FFU is generator set with motor inside which is used in the turbulent layer and laminar flow clean room. It has characteristic of continuous use. The wind speed can reach 0.45m/s ±20%.

Fan Feature

1. Energy saving
EC direct current smooth voltage wave line to save energy
2. Intelligent Control
Use the remote automatic control system and intelligent control to achieve a perfect match of the mechanical components and electronic control systems
3. Easy start and stop
start-up current is only 1/5 AC fan, it can start up many Fan in the same time; good braking performance
4. Low heat power
DC fans with high energy efficiency, low heat power, so can make additional workspace to reduce the heat power.

Custom Design

Product Specification


semiconductor, electron, flat-panel display, disc-drive, manufacture and optics, bio-engineering, clean bench, clean room, or any other places.


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