General Pass Box

Cabinet material: Cold rolled steel with powder coated / Stainless steel
Internal material: Sand light stainless steel
Thickness of material: 1.0mm / 1.2mm
Power supply of electronic interlock / UV lamp: 220V/50Hz

Product information

Pass box is a kind of assistant equipment for clean room. It is mainly used to pass the small articles between clean room and unclean room or two clean rooms. Because of interlocking system, it can reduce the cross pollution.


It has the function of air valve to prevent high pressure to leak in the clean room.


  1. Adopts polish stainless steel inside, which is flat, neat and wearable. The surface material of pass box is cold rolled steel or stainless steel.
  2. Doors in two sides with mechanical or electronic interlock device enable two doors can’t be in the open state at the same time.
  3. Pass box with special sealing strips to guarantee the airproof.

Custom Design

Product Specification

Application fields

Widely used in the clean environment, such as micro-electronics, laboratory, national defense, precise instrument, biopharming, opto-electronics, aseptic packaging, etc.



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