Here is All About the Pocket Filter/Prefilter

Pocket filters are the ones that are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications to eliminate dust and dirt from ambient air. Prefilters are used for high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in the medical sector or in commercial applications.

How Do Prefilters Work?

Many occasions can make use of these filters for air inlets. These air filters are designed to guard the final filters from the numerous conditions based on the circumstances. Larger particles are filtered out by these prefilters before they touch the final filters, avoiding the overloading of final filters too soon. Various types of prefilters are available in the market.

How Do Pocket Filters Work?

Pocket filters are made with the media pieces by sealing them together to make pockets. The media collects dust, and this helps separate dust from the ambient air . Each bag air filter may have a certain number of pockets, whether they have 3 pockets or 6 pockets. The length of the pockets can vary. With these combinations of lengths and pockets, many different sized surface areas can be created. Generally, a surface area having more space gives a longer service life of the air filter and a greater dust holding capacity (DHC). There are different types of pocket filters, including synthetic fiber pocket medium filter, synthetic fiber pocket pre filter, and glass fiber pocket filter.

When to Consider Choosing These Filters?


While choosing prefilters, you may be confused about selecting a particular one or you might have doubts about whether you should use these air filters or not for your air inlets. So let us clear your doubts.

It is the climate conditions that help you decide to choose certain types of filters over others. For instance, in coastal conditions, the environment mostly contains a high amount of moisture, so a type of prefilter filter, coalescing prefilter, can be of choice to upstream the moisture of the final filter. However, using another type of these filters, pleated filters with a cardboard frame may collapse over time, so opting for a filter with a plastic frame is worth considering. Secondly, if these are high-dust situations, you can consider these filters for adding to your air intake inlets. Your final filters can be clogged up with dust quickly and can increase your downtime and cost. So, adding prefilters to your air inlets is a great way to avoid early replacement of the final filters.

Pocket Air Filters

Some types of pocket air filters, like the EFS reverse rigid pocket air filter, are suitable for use in both directions. When the pocket filter is kept in a reverse airflow position, the separators made of plastic stabilize the pockets. So for the high moisture environments, like we said for the prefilters, the plastic frame is perfect because it won’t be damaged like the cardboard frames.

So in conclusion, when prefiltration is critical, you can go for prefilters or pocket filters based on your requirements. Plus, a plastic frame may be preferred for the moisture areas to prevent collapse in high moisture environments. Upgrade your air inlets with any type of air filter. You can contact us anytime to gain more knowledge. You are also welcome for queries on any other air filters & accessories.

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