Integration Vertical Clean Bench

Integration Vertical Clean Bench

Purification class: class 100 / ISO 5
HEPA efficiency: 99.99%@0.3um
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Cabinet material: powder coated steel/stainless steel
Table-board material: Sand polished stainless steel

Product information

The intergration vertical clean bench adopts airflow forming principle of vertical unidirectional airflow, and makes low noise centrifugal fan, plenum chamber and HEPA filter into a unit structure alone.

Architectural feature

  1. The cabinet is cold rolled steel with powder coated and the table-board is sand light stainless steel. Adopted glass baffle, LED show, electronic control board and touch switch in two sides.
  2. Adopt adjustable air system which has little shock, stable, low noise, maintenance free and stable.
  3. Assembling manometer to indicate differential pressure, it can remind when to renewal the HEPA filter.

Custom Design

Product Specification


Widely used in scientific research and production department which needs clean sterile working environment in local, such as medicine, biopharming, foodstuff, medical experiment, optics, electron, sterile laboratory, sterile microbial inspection, plant tissue culture, etc


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