What is weighing booth ?

 A weighing booth, also known as a sampling or assembled dispensing booth, downflow booth, powder containment booth, or negative pressure room, is a piece of purification equipment used for sampling, weighing, and analysis. It can keep powders and particles out of the work area and keep the operator from inhaling them.

How is works ?

It provides a vertical unidirectional airflow with a fraction (80% – 90%) of clean air circulating through the working area, and another fraction (10% – 20%) discharged to the vicinity of the working area to provide negative pressure to prevent dust spill and cross-contamination in the work area, in order to ensure a high degree of cleanliness of the working environment.

  • The negative pressure design keeps powder and particles inside the booth and prevents it from overflowing.
  • The stainless steel construction keeps the booth clean and sanitary.
  • The assembly design allows for the entry of a finished clean room.
  • Complete with user’s manual, assembly drawing, quality certificate, and test report, among other things.
  • As spare parts, one set of pre-filters and medium efficiency filters

What is the advantage?

continuous negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination, and to ensure the high clean class level of the working area.
Uniform airflow
supply clean vertical unidirectional airflow, and create a virtuous circle of air recirculation.
control panel control, easy maintenance, and exchange of filters.
high-quality materials to ensure the long lifespan of the equipment.


Pharmaceutical, biological research and scientific experiment etc.

Weighing Booth

Cabinet material: 304 stainless steel wire drawing board
Control panel: PLC intelligent control
Air velocity: 0.35~0.65m/s, automatically adjusted
Air supply: vertical air flow
Clean class: ISO5 (static 100)

Cleanroom equipment

Product Specification


Mainly used in pharmaceutical, biological research and scientific experiment etc.


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