Guildelines for Hepa Box Installation

Guidelines for Hepa Box Installation

Before installing the HEPA box, there are various precautions to be taken. If the installation is improper, it will directly affect how clean the clean room or dust-free workshop is. Therefore, every installation detail needs to be carefully handled.

Before installation, take precautions.

1. To begin with, we must ensure that the HEPA box’s dimensions and efficiency meet both the customer’s application standards and the clean room’s on-site design specifications.

2. A gasket pad must be used to fill the gap between the HEPA box’s flange and the clean room ceiling plate. Any gaps must be tightly sealed; they are not permitted. Broken or damaged coating The air duct should be tightly attached to the HEPA box, with the open end reinforced with plastic film and adhesive tape for air tightness. HEPA boxes must not be fitted.

3. Keep the HEPA box and the clean room clean on all levels, including the interlayer, ceiling, and air conditioning system dust collection, in accordance with cleaning regulations. Additionally, the purification air conditioning system needs to run nonstop for longer than half an hour before being checked once more for cleanliness.

4. The manufacturer’s sign on the carton box should be strictly followed to ensure the safe shipping of the HEPA box. It should be handled carefully throughout processing and transit to prevent vibration and collision.

5. It is important to check the air filter’s appearance packaging before installing the HEPA box, including whether the media pack, gasket, and frame are intact; whether the sizes and filter model comply with specifications; whether the metal frame has burrs or rust; whether a product qualification certificate is present; and whether the technical performance complies with design requirements.

6. Based on the effectiveness of the air filter, use the PAO scanning gun to perform a HEPA box air leakage detection.

Guidelines for Hepa Box Installation

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