Top 5 Cleanroom Equipment Suppliers Worldwide

Top 5 Cleanroom Equipment Suppliers Worldwide !!!

Top 5 Cleanroom Equipment Suppliers Worldwide

In the past 15-20 years, cleanroom technology has seen a vast boom worldwide. As an element of innovative and forward-looking construction and research environment, the cross-sectional technology of Cleanroom is everywhere these days. And now, cleanroom technology has been established as a vital industry.
If you have decided to invest in choosing new cleanroom equipment, it could become an awesome task easily after going through this blog. Not only is it hard to search for the information you require, but it is also hard to understand where you find it. In this blog, you will find the top 5 cleanroom equipment suppliers worldwide.

1. Clean Air Products

Location: 8605 Wyoming Ave N, Minnesota, 55445, United States

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1969

Product: Softwall cleanrooms, hardwall cleanrooms, fan filter units, clean benches, etc.

Clean Air Products specialties in designing and making standard, customized, and modified-standard cleanroom equipment and components for a wide range of facilities and applications. Clean Air Products have a lot of workers who are experienced in making a wide range of designs. Most of the products they offer have high quality. The products meet the requirements of uses from Class 100,000 (ISO 8) to Class 10 (ISO 4.). The company’s products are also famous in North America.

2. Ardmac

Location: 4 Scholar Green Rd Cobra Ct, Manchester, M32 0TR, United Kingdom

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1977

Product: Cleanrooms, refurbishments, fit-outs, data center fit-out, and commercial interiors

It is an International company specializing in making products to provide the high-value product using high-tech processes. The company also works in partnership with other companies in the USA and is a recognized brand in cleanroom construction.


Location: Im Camisch 34, Thuringia, 07768, Germany

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 1996

Products: Clean air products such as mini-environment, body box, printer enclosure, body box, etc. Clean air for rooms such as hardwall cabins, softwall cabins, etc. Tools for clean air including fan-filter-module.

The company provides services in clean air and cleanroom technology. It is an expert in developing and implementing customized solutions for cleanrooms that meet the expected quality standards.

Location: HouJie Town, Guangdong province, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2010
Products: Air filters such as panel filter, pleated filter, pocket filter, carbon filter, separator filter, separator filter, PTFE mini-pleat filter, V-bank filter, HEPA filter with hood, etc. Clean room equipment such as laminar flow cabinet, air shower, fan filter unit (FFU), biosafety cabinet, pass-through box, HEPA box, etc.

BIOAIRO constructs its products blended with the science of handling air quality and controlling infection. It is an International brand serving 30+ countries. The company meets the requirement of ISO14001 and ISO9001, making it a reliable manufacturer. It is listed among the top 5 cleanroom equipment suppliers worldwide. The company guarantees 100% performance success on each delivery as well as installation. The company is highly focused on customer satisfaction. BIOAIRO has the topmost clean workshop and advanced equipment and production.

5. PH Insulation

Location: Shyolkovo, Moscow, Germany

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 2005

Products: Cleanroom, PIR, cold rooms, PUR, refrigeration doors, insulated panels, sandwich panels, refrigerating chambers, facade panels, PIR boards, and roof panels.

The cleanroom provided by this company is a ready-to-use room with temperature regulation. The temperature range, and panel thickness depend upon the purpose and technical specification provided by the clients. PH Insulation is a global manufacturer of insulated panels with PUR Classic polyurethane foam, PIR Premier fireproof polyisocyanurate core, and mineral wool core.

In conclusion, experienced and professional cleanroom designers are able to offer you various designs of cleanroom options to get what you exactly need, so that you could narrow your search list to what would be best for your facility based on your budget and goals. They will inform you on various design aspects before you make any final decision. This way you will be sure that you have made the right choice.

Top 5 Cleanroom Equipment Suppliers Worldwide !!

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